Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook

Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook 3.5

This handy tool is easy to understand and easy to work with

Auto BCC/CC is a handy plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to automatically create BCC/CC messages whenever you send an email. The program sits silently in Microsoft Outlook and allows you to configure its options to suit exactly your needs. You can create and modify the rules as you please that allows you to set the program to send BCC/CC messages only if they match a certain user-defined criteria, such as apply the rule for all outgoing messages in all profiles or only if the message meets certain conditions. One of the new features of the program is its ability to create rule conditions and exceptions that can be based on the subject, account name, To and CC fields, attached file names and so on. For every rule you enter, the program will show a brief description of the selected options that you can easily edit by clicking on the underlined values, and you can change the rules order whenever you want. It also includes a logging feature which saves all the activities registered in the program. It supports multiple recipients and different Microsoft Outlook profiles and accounts.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Supports multiple recipients and different Microsoft Outlook profiles and accounts
  • Fully customizable


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